AirDrop: How to Use Nearby Sharing on Another Device with iOS 17

With iOS 17, Apple has provided a notable improvement AirDropwhereby the Share near other devices. Here’s how to use this feature on iPhone and iPad.

Currently, or in any case before the launch of iOS 17, to send a file via AirDrop it is necessary to open the sharing menu, select AirDrop and then select the contact to send the content to. This works with a variety of files, documents, media, contacts, web pages, etc.

With iOS 17, He arrives There AirDrop sharing near another device: Basically, you just select the content to send and bring the iPhone closer to the other iPhone or iPad running iOS 17 or iPadOS 17.

In this way, a pop-up will appear on the iPhone asking you to confirm the AirDrop sending and proceed with the process. It is important that the two devices are unlocked using Face ID, Touch ID or unlock code.

This is therefore a remarkable simplification that reduces the steps and time required for AirDrop sharing and also reduces the risk of accidentally sending files to other nearby devices.

This feature is always active unless you disable it in Settings (be careful, because disabling it will also cause you to lose access to NameDrop) and bypasses the settings for classic AirDrop sharing, regardless of whether it is active or is only limited to contacts in the address book.

This way you can rely on proximity when sending a document without having to change all the settings you normally use on your device.

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