Android 14 has a gem for multimedia playback

While waiting for the release of the official version of Android 14In network There are still previews of the key innovations that the Google development team has been exploring to improve the operating system experience.

As for the media player, no radical changes are planned with Android 14, but one of the changes designed by the developers for the output switcher is intended to provide a convenient one-touch shortcut to mute the audio.

A small innovation introduced with Android 14

With the 5.x beta versions of Android 14, the functionality is already available, which can be done by touching the speaker icon to the left of the volume bar You can turn off the sound immediately (Another tap will unmute at about one-sixth the maximum volume.)

This shortcut works with your device’s speakers, Bluetooth headphones, the Google Pixel tablet dock speaker, and other Cast devices (such as the Nest Hub).

Just for comparison: Android 13 doesn’t have one gesture with a single tap, and users can only mute by swiping all the way down (or trying to gently tap on the far left side of the bar).

There’s also a “Speakers and Display” heading in the output switcher, while Android 14’s media player displays a wave and a new animation when played or paused.

These innovations are expected to be implemented with the first definitive version of the new operating system, which the Mountain View giant could release early next month on the occasion of the official presentation of the Google Pixel 8 series.

Basically just a few more weeks of patience and the new Android version should finally be ready. Hoping that the main producers will work hard to distribute it as quickly as possible.

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