Apple has been developing the Vision Pro since 2007

Thanks to a recent patent filed by Apple, it turns out the company is working on it VisionPro At least back in 2007, the year the first iPhone came out.

Naturally, the 2007 patent does not describe All the features of the Vision Pro. In particular, it describes how to use a headset to watch movies and sporting events, but also includes references for use in a virtual reality environment and describes some surprisingly sophisticated features.

For example, the patent describes how the headset would create the illusion of sitting in a movie theater.

The personal display system may include an electronic device operable to provide media to a personal display device for display of the received media.

Using one or more optical and digital components, the personal display device can customize the displayed media to overlay the characteristics of a theater to give the device user the impression of being in the theater.

Apple also predicted this back in 2007 The headset would react to head movementseyes or hands.

In some embodiments, the personal display device can detect the user’s movements using one or more sensors and adjust the displayed image based on the user’s movements. For example, the device may detect movement of a user’s head and cause the displayed portion of the multimedia content to reflect the movement of the head […]

The user can move the head, eyes, or other body parts to cause the viewed portion of the media to follow the user’s movement.

The patent also describes the creation of a virtual stadium experience when watching a sporting event and how the audio output is adapted to the virtual position and head movements.

All in all, it’s a pretty pretentious description of a device similar to the Vision Pro but made 16 years ago.


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