Apple TV+ releases stunning trailer for “Monarch: Legend of Monsters”.

Apple TV+ has released the trailer for its highly anticipated series Monarch: Legend of Monsters.

The series takes place after the events of the film Godzilla (2014). In addition to the first trailer, Apple also announced the official release date: Monarch will be available on Apple TV+ with the first two episodes starting Friday, November 17th.

Kurt and Wyatt Russell (father and son in real life) star in the series, playing the same character in two story arcs.

Kurt Wyatt Russell Godzilla

Set in the universe Monsterverseand the story is about two brothers who investigate their family’s connection to the secret organization “Monarch”. The series is told in ten hour-long episodes, with various Titan monsters (including Godzilla) appearing regularly in some action sequences.

The trailer already shows how much budget Apple has invested in the series.

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