Beta version 5.2 is available for all compatible pixels

A few minutes ago, Google started releasing the new one Beta 5.2 of Android 14, the next version of the green robot’s operating system, which is taking the last steps before the release in stable form.

Again, this new preview release is configured as a simple “corrective patch” to be released exactly one week after the previous corrective patch and exactly two weeks after Beta 5; It can be installed as usual on all compatible smartphones and tablets of the Pixel series, so off Google Pixel 4a 5G forward (including the latest pixel wrinkle And Pixel tablets). Let’s find out all the details.

Android 14 Beta 5.2: A new correction patch is here

The phase of approaching the release of Android 14 continues, the next Android version to be released in stable form by Google in the very short term (supposedly between late August, which is becoming increasingly unlikely, and early September).

The new Beta 5.2the release of which started a few minutes ago on all compatible pixels of users registered in the program Android betais configured as a simple corrective patch aimed at solving some issues of the previous beta 5, which was announced last week as “the last preview release of the development cycle” and has not yet been fixed with the corrective patch (beta 5.1).

Apart from that, the new build released by Google is the UPB5.230623.006 (or UPB5.230623.006.A1 on Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet) and keeps the security patches up to date until August 2023 (the same ones we currently find on Pixels updated to Android 13).

The release notes

Internally usual post In the Android Beta subreddit, the development team shared the changelog that accompanies the update, showing the issues that this corrective patch aims to fix.

Today we are sending you a patch for Android 14 Beta 5.2 (UPB5.230623.006/A1) that includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed various issues that sometimes caused devices to hang on reboot.
  • Fixed issues that could drop cellular connectivity for devices using E-UTRAN New Radio – Dual Connectivity (ENDC) when those devices were connected over 5G NR low-band frequencies.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet devices that caused the fingerprint sensor to become unresponsive in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold devices that caused Perfect Trace data to be incomplete.
  • Fixed an issue with stuttering animations on Pixel Fold devices when showing or tapping the notification for an ongoing call.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold devices that sometimes caused the system UI to crash after using the fingerprint sensor.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel Fold devices that sometimes caused the screen to briefly flicker when unfolding the device.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel tablet devices that sometimes caused a colored bar to appear or flicker after unlocking the device.
  • Fixed an issue on Pixel tablet devices that caused the system to play incorrect sounds when docking or undocking the device.

If you are interested in knowing the known issues that are still unresolved, we refer you to the relevant page.

How to install Android 14 5.2 beta

In contrast to the developer previewwhose installation was done manually, in the same way as the previous betas, the new one Beta 5.2 of Android 14 can be installed by registering with the program Android beta one of the compatible smartphones and tablets:

To register your smartphone so that you can receive this Beta 5.2 From Android 14just go to the page dedicated to the program Android beta (reachable via this link), takes you to the “Your Eligible Devices“, click on “to register” and accept the terms and conditions of participation in the program. In this way, the registered smartphone receives the Beta 5.2 From Android 14 as if it were a normal update via OTA that can be “installed” via the pathSettings > System > System update” (the same happens if you are already registered in the program).

See the links below for the instead factory pictures (Here) And OTA files (Here) for all devices, useful to proceed with manual installation if needed.

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