Clues to Apple’s A19 and M5 chips discovered

References to what are believed to be Apple’s “A19” and “M5” silicon chips have been discovered in Apple’s official code.

the references, found from Twitter user “@_orangera1n” indicate the existence of a large number of unreleased Apple chips.

Based on the history of chip identifiers used by Apple, the latest discoveries are believed to match the chips “A19”, “M5 Pro”, “M5 Max” and “M5 Ultra”indicating that work on these processors is ongoing.

Apple’s Tatsu Signing Server (TSS) verifies firmware files by issuing unique certificates called APTickets that contain specific details, without third-party logs. To identify unpublished ApChipIDs, TSS queries were made for each possible identifier. Those that didn’t return an invalid identifier seem to indicate an unreleased chip.

Among the discovered ApChipIDs, identifier 0x8130 is believed to correspond to the A19, while 0x6050, 0x6051, and 0x6052 are believed to represent the M5 Pro, M5 Max, and M5 Ultra, respectively. This conclusion is based on the logical order and models of the previously released chips.

Chip A17 Bionic

Assuming Apple continues to release new iPhone models every year, the A19 could launch in 2025 as ‌iPhone‌ 17 Pro models. It is currently assumed that the former is the case Apple’s 3nm chipthe A17 Bionic, is just a few weeks away from its announcement in the iPhone 15 Pro models, with significant performance and efficiency improvements over any Apple chip based on TSMC’s 5nm process in recent years.


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