Connect multiple Android devices? It could be very easy soon

It has never been easier to connect multiple Android devices under one account. In this sense, Apple has come out on top thanks to the Continuity feature, which allows all devices connected to the same network to receive the same calls. But according to some rumors, Google is planning something similar.

By activating the “Connect this device” option (not implemented yet, we indicate it) it will be possible to do just that: connect different Android systems to each other. What will make it possible to do this? First, as expected, receive calls on any connected device.

But not only. Because there are many other features, not all of which are known. For example, there is internet sharing, i.e. the possibility to share the same internet network for all devices: A kind of easy to use hotspot. But the possibilities are manifold.

The “Connect this device” feature has not yet been officially announced and the images we have show only a hypothetical aspect. However, it might be time for Android to implement a similar system as well. and it is not unlikely that it will actually happen.

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