Family saved from Maui fires with iPhone’s Emergency SOS feature

Apple introduced this feature with the iPhone 14 series Emergency SOS via satellite, which allows users to contact emergency services in places where there is no cell service. This feature has proven to be a life saver since its inception and continues to do so. Earlier this week, a family was saved from Maui wildfires thanks to this feature.

How shared by Michael J. Miraflor On X, his brother’s girlfriend’s cousin and her family were in a vehicle when “fire suddenly broke out around them”. There were five people in a white van, but none of them could call for help due to the lack of cell service in the area. Luckily one of the people in the van had one iPhone 14, and this was instrumental in saving us from the fire. “The iPhone’s Emergency SOS was the only way to get in touch with emergency responders. It literally saved herSaid Miraflor.

When a user activates this feature, The iPhone asks a few questions about the situation until the connection to the satellites is established, which may take a few minutes. Subsequently, all this information is sent to relay centers, where specialists call for help on your behalf. The entire transcript can also be shared with the user’s emergency contacts, which was exactly the case in this case. In a screenshot shared by Miraflor, we can see how the information was sent to a relay center. The iPhone owner stated that the fire was “around” them and that their vision was virtually zero. The iPhone automatically shared the user’s location.

After all the details were known, a specialist confirmed that the fire brigade had been informed of the situation and rescuers were on their way. The family was immediately rescued from the fire about 30 minutes after the call for help.


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