Gboard Beta introduces an AI-powered text verification tool

Google just released an update for Gboard This introduces a new artificial intelligence-based feature that allows you to proofread texts, which is currently only available in the beta version of the application.

There are many new things coming our way Gboard in the near future and most of them will use artificial intelligence to bring new features to the keyboard Google. These include an improved handwriting mode, an AI-based tool that lets you change the tone and style of a message, and a feature for creating unique smileys.

The first of these innovations was officially released in the beta version of Gboard is the Proofreader, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to further improve automatic keyboard correction. The feature doesn’t seem to be available to all users yet, but one of the requirements to unlock it server-side seems to be to update the application to the version 13.4 beta.

This is how Gboard’s new proofreader works

After entering some text in the appropriate field, a new “Fix it” button will appear with the classic artificial intelligence icon Google is displayed in the toolbar Gboard. By clicking the button, a pop-up appears explaining how the corrector works and giving the user the option to enable or disable the feature.

The proofreader sends the data directly to the servers Googlewhere they are processed internally and taking advantage of theartificial intelligenceIt is possible to automatically check the text by correcting any typographical, punctuation or grammatical errors.

Simply click on the appropriate button to view the various proposed changes to the text, which you can then change manually or leave as is. A section also appears below the text where you can send feedback to improve the algorithm managed by artificial intelligence.

How to install the Gboard beta

If already available Gboard If the program is installed on your device, you can access the beta program directly from the corresponding application page Google Play Store. Alternatively you can also go to this address and take part in the trial program. Once accepted, you will receive an application update within minutes that installs the latest beta version available.

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