Huawei Watch GT 4 test report

Huawei Watch GT 4 It is the latest addition to Huawei’s wide and excellent range of smartwatches, which over time has managed to combine the deep technology of its research and development laboratories with the design dictated by classic watchmaking fashion.
And it is in this sense that the Watch GT 4 is the perfect continuation of the previous models, because from them it has inherited a strong technical heart, while at the same time taking to the next level the effort to make it beat in a glamorous body that Kind of that doesn’t work. They don’t hide on the wrist, but they show themselves. And in fact, although we are focusing on the 46mm model in this test, Huawei also has a 41mm version on offer, very feminine, very elegant, very charming.

The watch GT 4 46 mm is also available in four versionswhich can satisfy every taste: with a stainless steel bracelet (our favorite configuration and also the most expensive at 369 euros), brown leather bracelet (269 euros), green composite bracelet (240 euros) and finally with a bracelet made of fluoroelastomer material (249 euros).

Watch 4 GT 4 display, bracelet and dials

The watch measures 46x46x 10.9 millimeters and weighs just under 50 grams, has a solid and elegant aluminum case with a 1.43 inch Amoled display with a resolution of 466×466 pixels and a density of 326 ppi.

First promotion with distinction for the bracelet. Some replacement links are included so that it can also be extended by people with strong wrists. However, our problem was to limit it a bit. Thanks to the now tested system for loosening and fastening the links via a tiny lever on the back, we solved the problem in exactly 30 seconds and without the use of tools.

Another pleasing innovation is the many faces available, some free and others for a fee. They are customizable and interactive. We recommend that you choose the main version carefully, not only based on design and color, but also depending on the main use of the watch. especially the Face weight and losswill guide you on your daily calorie journey after setting some parameters such as height and weight and the goals you want to achieve.

Operating system: Harmony

Watch GT 4 is powered by the operating system HarmonyOS in its latest version 4.0. The platform has long been a certainty: fluid, intuitive to manage and particularly economical in consumption.
Among the goodies there are Petal Maps Watch Edition independent of the phone and here in the wrist version.


The watch is managed by the companion Huawei Health app, on which it is possible to read all the information collected by the smartwatch (more complete and easier), change faces, purchase paid ones, update the device and track all measurements. The app is constantly updated and enriched with content day after day. It’s a shame that the applications ofAppGallery that the phone can use for new content are few and, to be honest, not particularly memorable. The Shenzhen manufacturer’s rich store deserves more thorough use and integration.

Exercise, night rest and sleep apnea

Huawei Watch GT 4 offers management of over 100 sports modes. As usual, there are the more classic activities such as running, cycling and swimming, but padel, football and e-sports are also added.

The watch monitors Sleep thanks to Huawei TruSleep Version 4.0 with the analysis of the different phases, including SEM. An interesting novelty is the addition of the “Detection of pauses in breathing during sleep“. In practice it’s about Sleep apneaa condition that we often do not notice and that knowledge is very important because it can lead to more serious disorders.

It was the only notable shortcoming of the previous models and has now been fixed.

In addition, the functionality of Smart Menstrual Cycle Tracking 3.0 which analyzes numerous indicators such as heartbeat during sleep, skin temperature and breathing rhythm in order to predict the menstrual period particularly precisely.

There more medical section This includes recording heart rate and SpO2, i.e. blood oxygen saturation, stress level and skin temperature.


Next to the word autonomy There is only one adjective to add: exceptional. Immediately after the first charge, the Watch GT 4 gave its best and confirmed the 14 days officially stated by the manufacturer in the technical data sheet. And without looking too much at the usage and even stressing the watch with mountain hikes, a 5-day fair with over 20,000 steps per day, sometimes sporadic navigation from the wrist with Petal Maps and active GPS. The excellent data (it really takes a while to forget where we put the charger between two charges) is certainly linked to the apparent lack of interactions with available third-party apps, which would increase consumption, but that has to be said Watch GT 4 has everything you need and more on board, including good music management.

Our opinion on the Huawei GT 4

Huawei has released another one smart watches Excellent workmanship both from an aesthetic and technological point of view and, if necessary, represents an absolute record in the industry. All you have to do is grab a competing smartwatch, even the most reliable one, to to understand how big the differences are in the materials. The same applies to technical content, the number of surveys and the data processing capacity (as important as its collection in order to provide truly useful information to the end user). An example: the control of sleep apnea: sooner or later everyone will get there, some models already have the sensors to monitor them. Huawei was simply the first to bring ECG to the Watch 4 Pro model.

Given the undeniable technological value of the Watch GT 4, it is the overall ease of use, from the first moment you wear it, that earns it a very positive review and our Award of Excellence.

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