iPhone 15s may support faster charging

With the move to USB-C, models in the iPhone 15 range could achieve faster charging speeds up to 35W.

9to5Mac he claims We’ve heard from industry sources that at least some of the “iPhone 15” models can be charged at this higher wattage.

Currently, the iPhone 14 models can charge at a maximum of around 27W, with the Pro models being able to charge slightly faster. An increase to 35W would significantly reduce loading times.

iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 15 Pro max

Apple no longer puts the power adapter in the iPhone box, but currently recommends a charger with more than 20W for fast charging. If the models from ‌iPhone 15‌ If the device supports up to 35W charging speed, Apple may recommend the 30W MacBook Air Charger or the 35W Dual USB-C Charger for the fastest charging speed.

There are also rumors that Apple will limit the fastest charging speeds to MFi-certified cables and chargers anyway, and it’s also possible that the fastest charging speeds could be reserved for the Pro models.


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