Redmi K60 Ultra: the flagship killer with a size of 9200+

Unveiled during Xiaomi’s summer event, the Redmi K60 Ultra with MeditaTek Dimensity 9200+ promises to be a killer flagship smartphone that could be the Xiaomi 13T Pro in Italy.

xiaomi During the event today, August 14, 2023, he surprisingly presented the Redmi K60 Ultra, i.e. the flagship smartphone of the Redmi series. It is a device from shocking specifications considering the selling price, which starts by itself 2,599 yuan, so about 330 €. Redmi embodies 100% the essence of Xiaomi or Xiaomi’s deviceExcellent value for money, devices that offer quality specifications at a fair and affordable price. Based on the sub-optimal feedback from users who have purchased a device K50 seriesRedmi/Xiaomi has decided to solve these problems at the root, further improving aspects that were already good in previous smartphones.

design and displays

Redmi K60 Ultra follows the lines of the K60 series and therefore of the younger brothers K60 and K60 Pro, but differs from this one in part of the photographic sector by having a different shape, more sober and rectangular, more similar to the Xiaomi 13. In order not to If you do not miss anything , we also find a certification IP68 against water and dust, the mark mostly stopped at IP54; always a welcome addition (especially in this price range). The dimensions should be important, but not even gigantic for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the thickness should be 8.49mm and the weight easily exceeds 200 g 204g. Also available stereo speakers level with support for Dolby AtmosIn addition, we also have a linear motor X-Asis for the haptic feedback the vibration. We also find one above IR sensor to search for compatible devices.

Redmi K60 Ultra Because the device has a display with specs that are stunning for its price range (and beyond), TCL was tasked with developing the panel using the latest technologies in the field. The display is a panel AMOLED TCL C7 from 6.67″ to 12-bitrefresh rate a 144Hz (sampling rate a 480Hz), PWM dimming To 2880Hz to reduce eye strain, HDR10+ And Dolby Vision. resolution is 1.5Ka cross between the classic FHD+ and the more expensive QHD+, same 2,712 x 1,220 pixels and density of 445 PPIbut the really surprising fact is that it refers to the maximum brightness I can get 2600 nits the maximum peak.

Hardware: Here is the monstrous MediaTek Dimensity 9200+

It’s been a few years now redmi And MediaTek They work closely together to maximize their devices. Many of the brand’s flagship smartphones have used the line’s solution Dimensions. For the new Redmi K60 Ultra You chose that Size 9200+ To 4nm from TSMC extensiona very powerful octa-core SoC format, as follows: 1 x 3.35GHz Cortex-X3 + 3 x 3.0GHz A715 + 4 x 2.0GHz A510. The integrated GPU is new Mali-G715 Immortalis MC11 To 981MHz This guarantees peak performance when playing at a native resolution of 144 Hz in more than 100 titles. This thanks to Wildboost 2.0or the harmonious work of the SoC Dimension 9200+ together with the mentioned graphics coprocessor Pixel Works X7. Redmi K60 Ultra comes with it 12/16/24 GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 256/512GB or 1TB From Internal storage type UFS 4.0 (not expandable). All this hardware guarantees true peak performance, the graphics from AnTuTu benchmark The smartphone presented by Xiaomi shows that the smartphone is capable of achieving and exceeding that 1.7 million points In the test!

To support all this power we find a battery 5000mAh Supported by two chipsets dedicated to the security of the latter Overvoltage P1 and that G1plus a derivation system from 5,000mm² This cools the smartphone during charging and during the most intense gaming sessions. on a model”Ultra“An ultra-fast charging could not be missing 120WDo it 0-100% in suns 19 minutes.


Finally, let’s talk about the photographic sector. Triple setup for the Redmi K60 Ultra:broad SONY IMX800 out of 50MP with OIS extension + EIS extension, extra wide from 8MP and sensor macros from 2MP. The smartphone can now record videos 8 THOUSAND To 24fps with the main wide-angle sensor. Interesting specs for the main sensor, but usually for the auxiliary sensors. Given the price, this is still an interesting photographic area, especially considering it’s the same sensor used in the more expensive Xiaomi MIX Fold 3.

Availability and Prices

Redmi K60 Ultra is available in China from 2599 yuanapprox. 330 €, in the basic average of 12/256GBwe go up 2799 yuan for the 16/256GB, 2999 yuan for the 16/512GB, 3299 yuan for the 16GB and 1TB and finally, 3599 Yuan for the maximum denomination of 24GB RAM And 1TB storage space. A very interesting smartphone that could arrive here in the coming months at a certainly higher price, in the form of Xiaomi 13T Pro.

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