The driving license will soon be digital and accessible via QR code

The process of digitizing documents developed by the Italian Government continues in accordance with the 2021 parliamentary guidelines aimed at giving citizens the opportunity to do so Driver's license, the health card and the disability card in digital form. The documents will be accessible via a QR code within the IO app, which will be expanded and updated for this purpose.

There digital driving license It was supposed to come into force by the end of 2023, but the deadlines set by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition were postponed. L'IT walletThe new digital wallet with the citizen's most important documents will therefore be available in the IO app in 2024 and is part of a broader project that includes the launch of a European digital wallet (e-wallet) valid throughout the territory of the European Union.

This is how the digital driving license works

The test phase of IT wallet It is expected to launch soon, probably in June, and will be accessible through the IO app, which currently allows you to use the services of many public administrations using the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or the public digital identity system (SPID).

The IT wallet is the natural evolution of the digital Green Pass, which made it possible to display and contain the certificate valid throughout the European Union via a QR code Driver's license and other documents, such as the European Disability Charter and other certificates. In the case of the driver's license, the digital wallet will provide details such as personal information and score, in addition to introducing a notification system that will warn users about expiration and prompt them to renew so as not to incur penalties.

The introduction of a digital driving license brings several benefits, including reducing the risk of loss, theft or counterfeiting. The IO app, protected by SPID or CIE, ensures data security even if the smartphone is lost or stolen.

The aim is to introduce a definitive system of digital documents for all Italians until the beginning of 2025but alternative solutions are also provided for those who are not comfortable with technology and to ensure access to documents even for those who prefer paper or traditional media.

The role of the digital driving license in the European Union

The digital driving license will be valid throughout Europe and in this context the Parliament of the European Union is pushing for a directive that will make the withdrawal of driving licenses effective in all member states. There is currently a real threat of the driver's license being revoked in a member state does not exclude the ability to drive in other countries, but this may change in the future.

A proposal from the European Commission last year, which has already received initial approval, aims to ensure that anyone who undermines road safety faces consequences across the European Union. The new system provides that member countries have 10 working days to notify each other of decisions to revoke the license and 15 days to decide whether the sanction will be imposed at EU level or only in the country in which the violation was committed.

The Commission's proposal is part of a road safety project that aims to reduce road deaths to zero by 2050. The next step in the legislative process lies with the European Council, but further debate and negotiations are needed to reach a final agreement.

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