The ZenFone 10 is the latest, Asus is ditching the series in favor of the ROG Phone

The ZenFone 10 could be the last. An internal reorganization marks the end of the series and sheds light on the future of the ROG Phone family as the compact smartphone market sees its opportunities shrink.

A bold but calculated step. This is perhaps the best way to describe the recent decision by Asus, one of the tech giants, to permanently shut down the ZenFone division and transfer all resources to the ROG Phone division. The information leaked by a Taiwanese news agency surprised many and sparked a wave of reactions in the tech world.

While the ZenFone lineup lags behind its direct competitors in terms of sales, it has built a loyal user base. These smartphones stand out for retaining the 3.5mm audio jack, a feature that is rare in modern devices today. But if you are planning a long-term investment in this series, you could be in for a nasty surprise: the Asus ZenFone 10 could be the last of its series.

Asus’ strategy seems clear: join forces to create a single strong brand in the world of smartphones, ROG (Republic of Gamers). This family of devices, originally designed for gaming enthusiasts, is growing in popularity and it seems that Asus is definitely going in that direction. Merging the resources and expertise of the ZenFone and ROG teams could mean that the Taiwanese giant is looking to create even more powerful and optimized devices for gamers.

But not all reactions to this news were positive. A certain group of users is concerned about the programmed disappearance of the ZenFone: those who prefer smartphones with smaller dimensions. In the current context, where even Apple has abandoned the mini models of the iPhone and the expected iPhone SE 4 of 2025 is expected to abandon the 4.7-inch panel in favor of a 6.1-inch size, the options are for those who want a smartphone compact shrink dramatically.

This situation opens the door to intriguing questions: as compact smartphones become more widespread, who will fill this gap in the market? Is there room for emerging manufacturers or large companies to rethink their strategy and return to smaller sizes?

Only time can tell. However, one thing is for sure: As Asus moves away from the ZenFone brand, it leaves a legacy and a market niche that could represent a golden opportunity for other manufacturers. And while ZenFone fans might be disappointed by Asus’ latest move, the tech world knows that in this ever-changing industry, every ending is a new beginning.

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