WiFi and Bluetooth on the Apple Vision Pro do not pose a health risk

On social media, we can already see comments from people demonizing the Apple Vision Pro for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radio frequencies because of alleged risks of cancer and other brain diseases.

As has been said several times, the High frequency radiation (RF) is not the same as ionizing radiation, which is produced by the decay of radioactive isotopes and the sun itself. In short, RF does not have the energy necessary to break chemical bonds, ionize atoms, and damage DNA.

In short, Apple Vision Pro is not radioactiveThere are also no health risks. The headset has radio frequency transmitters in the form of ultra-low power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips that send and receive RF radiation.

vision pro radioactive

Extremely high levels of RF radiation, well beyond what Apple Vision Pro can deliver, can heat tissue, such as that seen in a microwave oven, and cause tissue damage. However, these values ​​are not achievable with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or wireless technologies.

As one expert reiterates AppleInsiderand the only people who need to worry about exposure to radio frequency energy are generally workers who are in close proximity to a very powerful transmitter, such as those working on a cell phone antenna or military radar workers.

Apple Vision Pro users don't have to worry about radio frequency radiation.

What the World Health Organization has to say about RF is clear and easy to read:

Given the very low levels of exposure and the research collected to date, there is no convincing scientific evidence that weak RF signals from base stations and wireless networks cause adverse health effects.

These guidelines have been repeated and regularly updated by the WHO for years. The document was recently updated in late 2023 with the same conclusion.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been conducting studies on the subject for 25 years and notes that there have been some tests that have shown minor effects of the devices, but they are not reproducible.

Both the FDA and WHO note that given the extremely small amounts of energy, it is almost impossible to eliminate other causes that produce the biological effects that resulted in an effect.

For example, if you own a 5G iPhone, you will have already seen the effects shielding. You'll likely have excellent 5G outside and slower speeds indoors – this is because the higher frequencies of the 5G spectrum are very effectively shielded by thinner building materials, while the lower frequencies are not.

However, shielding does not play a major role for WLAN and Bluetooth on the Apple Vision Pro. What is crucial is the extremely low transmission power, the directivity of the Apple Vision Pro transmitters and the distance to the user.

How is the damage caused by radio sources measured?

The specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of how quickly the body absorbs RF energy. A SAR value of 1 watt per kilogram would increase the temperature of an insulated fabric panel by one degree Celsius per hour it is exposed to that power and does not take into account the loss of this temperature increase due to any other factor.

Among other things, in addition to the cooling that occurs in a human body through conduction through the blood and other adjacent tissues, the healing of a system after exposure is not even taken into account.

In contrast to three methods for measuring ionizing radiation SAR is a measure of heat and no absolute measure of the damage. The heat generated is what can theoretically cause harm from exposure to radio frequencies, but the measurement – ​​and how it is measured and regulated – is controversial.

The legal SAR limits are not even close to the point where the risk of harm begins. Legal limits have a wide margin of safety and are well below the point at which RF exposure could be harmful. In addition, for most forms of radiation, RF or ionizing radiation, there are different legal and safety limits for head and whole body exposure.

Aside from that, Exposure to radio frequencies is not cumulative such as damage caused by ionizing radiation. When the RF-induced heating effect disappears, assuming the meat is not damaged by the heat, the “clock” associated with that damage is effectively reset.

How does SAR apply to Apple Vision Pro?

Apple has provided standard test results for the Vision Pro. Results vary, with SAR limits set at 1.6 watts per kilogram averaged over one gram of tissue and 2.0 watts per kilogram over 10 grams of tissue.

Exposure to RF to the head produces 0.10 watts per kilogram for one gram of tissue substitute and 0.08 watts per kilogram for 10 grams of tissue simulant.

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A different legal limit applies to extremities, which is 4 watts per kilogram in 10 grams of tissue. The limit is higher because there are no sensitive brains and eyes in the extremities.

The measurement on the wrist with the device, by tapping the Digital Crown or the action button, amounts to 2.96 watts per kilogram over the test period and is therefore significantly longer than the actual button press time.

Aside from that, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmissions are different from 5G under all aspects. And they are not close to the skin: they are closer to the outer glass than to the skin, and by no means a little.

Looking at the position of the chips in the Apple Vision Pro, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips (and transmitters) are about an inch away from the skin. That's five times the distance from the skin of a 5G antenna on the iPhone when you hold the iPhone close to your ear.

That's the look distance, then there are shielding (as already mentioned) and time as two other elements associated with the risks of radio frequencies. Something specific has an effect on the viewer shielding The energy provided by the electronics is not very large for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmissions and is therefore usually negligible.

And that Time it depends on the user. As with everything, personal risk criteria apply. If this affects you, do not wear the Vision Pro for a full day (as we have seen, radio frequencies do not “accumulate” over time), even if radio frequency exposure in your car is likely due to the compared engine or electrical cables This is what happened with the Apple Vision Pro.

For example, there are many more risks if you drive for hours every day, have three dental x-rays a year or fly frequently.


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