With “accident detection,” the Apple Watch saves another life

The Apple Watch’s “accident detection” feature is once again credited with helping save lives.

This time the first responders from Wisconsin in the USA said so The feature has been enabled on Apple Watch to call emergency services and share location of the user after the man was involved in an accident on Thursday morning.

As detailed According to the Kansasville Fire and Rescue Department, the incident occurred around 4 a.m. Thursday. Thanks to an automated call from the driver’s Apple Watch, first responders were alerted to the accident almost immediately.

In addition to the automatic emergency call, the Apple Watch also informed the rescue team of the driver’s exact location. The vehicle was upside down, about 100 meters from the road. The driver was breathing but unresponsive, prompting first responders to seek help from Flight for Life, a critical care medical air transport service.

Accident with the Apple Watch
The driver was stabilized and transported to Froedtert Hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Ronald Molnar, chief of the Kansasville Fire and Rescue Department, attributed emergency crews’ quick response to the incident entirely to the Apple Watch. “Without the Apple Watch, the vehicle would probably not have been discovered for at least two hours due to the darkness and distance from the road. An amazing technology that has clearly had an impact on someone’s life.”

Apple Watch incident detection It works by activating the emergency SOS function when a car accident is detected. If the user does not respond to the notification, the iPhone or Apple Watch will automatically call 911 and also provide the user’s exact location.

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