Xiaomi 14 Pro made of titanium challenges the iPhone 15 Pro

Rumors from a well-known leaker suggest that the next top-of-the-range Xiaomi 14 Pro could have one a titanium structure.

The race for supremacy in the smartphone market never stops and the main players seem ready to challenge each other with increasingly advanced weapons and high quality materials. Recently, the name Xiaomi has caused a lot of buzz among technology enthusiasts, especially with regard to possible innovations surrounding the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Pro.

The well-known leaker Ice universe raised the issue a few weeks ago, anticipating that the Xiaomi 14 Pro might feature a titanium structure, which could make it the first Android phone with this feature. Now these statements have been underlined again by another very reliable insider in the tech scene: Digital chat station. The latter has actually shown in the past that it has accurate information on Xiaomi devices.

DCS confirms initial speculation and has outlined a clearer vision of the Xiaomi 14 series. While the Xiaomi 14 would have a traditional aluminum structure, its Pro variant would be made of titanium. This metal is known for being both lighter and stronger than aluminum, but is also significantly more expensive, underlining Xiaomi’s aim to position itself in the premium segment of the market.

The move appears strategic and prudent. With a Xiaomi 14 Pro in titanium, the Chinese company would be in direct competition with the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro, which is also rumored to have a titanium structure.

Although the insider refrained from providing further details, he still hinted that the presentation of the Xiaomi 14 could take place shortly after Qualcomm launches the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. Based on the chipmaker’s event schedule, enthusiasts can expect the Xiaomi 14 series to be announced in late October or early November.

Another interesting detail concerns the release date. The prediction says that Xiaomi will start selling its new devices before November 11, the date on which China celebrates this “Singles Day”, a day of online shopping comparable to Western Black Friday. This could be a strategic move to capitalize on buyer enthusiasm and potential promotional offers.

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