Be careful with the emojis you use on social media, they could get you in trouble

Instant messaging services and social networks They are now part of our everyday lives, but in some cases they could prove to be “dangerous” tools.

And an example in this sense is represented by Emojiwhich are increasingly used in conversations and are very popular among all age groups, from the very young to the elderly, as they make it possible to express a feeling or a state of mind in a simpler and more immediate way.

Well, the smileys They must be used with a certain level of awarenessas is the case with words, since their meaning may, in certain situations, give rise to civil or even criminal liability.

Emojis are as good as words

In recent months, court rulings giving emojis the same value as words have become increasingly common throughout Italy, and even the Criminal Court of Cassation recently ruled that a smiley face used on a social network is capable of this could be integrate the crime of defamation.

However, this is not the only recent ruling in this sense: just think of a ruling by the Court of Rome, which ruled in favor of the employer who had opted for it Fire an employee who posted a video in her work uniform Tick ​​tockcomplained that it was only Wednesday and accompanied the whole thing with weird, tongue-in-cheek emoticons.

And again, last year, the Verona court concluded that even the excrement emoticon published on one’s profile on a social network could lead to a conviction of the author for defamation.

Basically, if you often use emojis “carelessly”, especially on social networks and instant messaging services, it is good to be aware of the fact that even cute smileys can damage other people’s dignity and reputation, so you have to use with some caution, just as one does (or at least should) with words.

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