The arrival of the Vision Pro in France is getting closer

Apple Vision Pro is currently only available in the US, but there have been a lot of rumors recently about the new headset launching elsewhere. Now a report from WatchGeneration says Apple invited store employees to France Vision Pro training courses starting this summer.

The report doesn’t provide many details, except that Apple invited its French employees to “new product training.” Although Apple Vision Pro is not mentioned in the course description, the headsets are the only new Apple product launched in France so far.

The Vision Pro training courses in France They should start this summer. In the US, Apple began planning Vision Pro training for its retail employees in December last year. The training took place in mid-January, about two weeks before the official launch of Vision Pro.


Considering that summer begins in mid-June, this suggests that the Apple Vision Pro could launch in France (and some other European countries) as early as July. This timeline is in line with a report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said Apple will launch the Vision Pro in more countries starting this summer.

Job listings on Apple’s website show that, in addition to France, Australia and Japan could be the next countries to receive the Vision Pro.


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