Delicious – Miracle of Life+ is now available on Apple Arcade

Delicious – Miracle of Life+ is the new game that Apple has added to Apple Arcade.

This game from Culinary time management invites those who play to join expectant mother Emily and her family, which is about to expand.

Emily is managing her pregnancy while also managing the kitchen for her video blog while preparing for the birth of her baby.

Emily wants to start her own cooking video blog with delicious family recipes and in the meantime receives the heartwarming news that she is expecting a baby with her husband Patrick! They need a helping hand as they prepare to welcome the new family member and manage their busy lives, and that’s where you come in!

Work your way through multiple exciting time management levels and 30 challenging bonus levels as you follow Emily through her pregnancy and witness her ups and downs first hand. Explore various locations including Emily’s kitchen, a yoga room, a nursery and other cute baby-related places. Meet Emily’s friends and family, including Angela, François, Allison and many others, and design the perfect bedroom together to surprise Emily with the most beautiful accessories.

With 60 levels and 30 bonus challenges, players can immerse themselves in Emily’s world, explore different scenarios and meet a friendly group of characters, design the nursery, accompany Emily through ups and downs and experience the miracle of life.

Delicious – Miracle of Life+ is available on Apple Arcade.

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