Canon is looking for a partnership with a smartphone brand

The message is a bomb. The famous Canon brandthe protagonist of the world camera market, would be looking for one Cooperation with a smartphone brand.

In fact, smartphones continue to offer important visibility, especially for a market like the photo market, which has faced many negative omens in recent years.

The idea is not new, and in fact there have been numerous collaborations between mobile phone manufacturers and photo brands in the recent past: Oppo and OnePlus with Hasselblad, I live at Zeiss And Xiaomi with Leica (which had established an important cooperation with Huawei in the past during the golden years of the Shenzhen manufacturer).

THE candidates There is no shortage of a dream combination: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Asus, Google, Realme, Honor, Sony and Motorola could become potential candidates for a Canon partnership as they have not formed a strategic alliance at the moment.

A closer look at brands that might fit Canon narrows the picture. One can’t help but start with Apple, Samsung, and Google: however, these three brands may not be the right type of company for such a collaboration. Apple Hardly in the past have there been comparable partnerships Google probably has an interest in remaining impartial until then Samsung usually doesn’t want to distract from their brand.

Also Sony can be ruled out: It already has its own (excellent) camera division and would therefore have no interest in diverting attention from its own brand. On the contrary, the Japanese company would need a “sponsor” to better distribute its products and promote them more widely to consumers in order to increase its very small market share. Incidentally, Sony supplies its sensors to smartphone cameras all over the world, which is excellent business.

So who could he ally himself with? canon? Digital Chat Station, the channel that restarted the news on the social network Weibo, does not make any predictions. However, since this is a Chinese site, the leak could concern a manufacturer from that region: realme, to honor or again: Huawei.

At the moment there is nothing official, but it is possible that there will be news at short notice.

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