Chrome will be 30% faster on high-end smartphones

Chrome is a browser appreciated by many users but not always perfectly optimized. Especially on smartphones it can take away quite a lot of resources: Google has worked hard on it through continuous updates, but an incredible increase in performance is finally coming. However, there is one detail: your device must be high-end.

In fact, several code changes make Chrome 30% faster. The technical explanation of how this was possible is quite technical, but Google tried to explain it in a simple way. Given the large number of existing mobile devices Google has always tried to prioritize the small size of their browser: Contradictory as it may seem, however, this can result in an increase in speed.

To solve this problem, Google has decided to focus on speed rather than size, at least for some devices. and the change was really huge. Although only the most powerful phones get a significant upgrade, all versions will see a slight improvement in Chrome’s performance, again proving itself to be a great browser for all needs.

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