Humane AI Pin the device that wants to replace smartphones

Human he threw his AI pinone of the most discussed technological products of the last few weeks, but which immediately caused a stir gaffe, right during his presentation. Not exactly the best for a device that has been the subject of endless speculation for weeks and that has presumptuously defined itself as a solution to replace smartphones.

However, Humane remains a somewhat mysterious company: we know that it is made up of designers and managers who have worked for Apple and Microsoft in the past, and little else.

What is Humane AI Pin?

Humane’s system attaches to clothing like a pin, uses an array of microphones and speakers, and features a display that can convey information and even project it onto hands. This information is provided by Artificial intelligence systems based on technology from OpenAI, the inventor of ChatGPT, and Microsoft. The pin costs $699 and will be available in the coming months.

It was, as mentioned, introduced by President Imran Chaudhri in response to the proliferation of mobile phones and the future proliferation of mixed reality viewers, and aims to ensure that people can fully interact with the world around them.

One of the key features of Humane is access to artificial intelligence systems that can be used for Get answers to questions. Users can simply press and speak the AI ​​pin, which allows the device to access the internet and display a response.

The error

During the presentation event, company officials answered the following question via pin: “When is the next solar eclipse and where is the best place to see it?”

The AI ​​pin then responded by giving the best place to see the next one total solar eclipse, in April 2024, Exmouth will be Australia or East Timor. However, this eclipse will actually be visible in North America and will be referred to as “the Great North American Solar Eclipse.” However, it will not be visible in Australia, only in Mexico, the USA and Canada.

In short, a simple question for a device that relies on the Internet and artificial intelligence platforms. But the response was disappointing to say the least. Actually wrong.

The system may have made the mistake because a total solar eclipse was actually clearly visible from Exmouth and East Timor this year. Humane did not specify which assistant was used for this response. In fact, the AI ​​Pin is specifically designed to query different assistants depending on the question asked.

The error is reminiscent of a similar error from Bard chatbot from Google during his presentation earlier this year. One ad showed Bard, when asked about some interesting discoveries made by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, replying that the telescope had broken.the first images of a planet outside our solar system“, which is not true.

Of course, Humane AI Pin’s debut wasn’t the best either, showing how artificial intelligence models can extremely easily return false news with, among other things, the certainty of the truth.

In short: While smartphone manufacturers wait for the new device to hit the market, they can still be quite calm.

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