PosteMobile introduces Creami EXTRA WOW week 100 for 8 euros per month

In these hours PosteMobile, a valued virtual mobile operator managed by Postepay SpA (part of the Poste Italiane group) and active on the Vodafone network, has made available through its official website a new offer for activation, decidedly interesting due to its richness is the bundle offered at a really good price: Apply cream for EXTRA WOW week 100.

PosteMobile Creami EXTRA WOW Week 100: Information and costs

Without getting lost in empty introductions, let’s immediately find out what the new phone offer is PosteMobile Creami EXTRA WOW Week 100 what comes to the table and under what economic conditions.

As the name suggests, the data package is very extensive: there are many 100 The GB included for browsing every month 4G+ Vodafone network The maximum speed is limited to 300 Mbit/s. But that’s not all: credits are included in the price Calls and SMS I am unlimitedThis means customers can make phone calls and use good old SMS without any problems.

Among the other services included in the offer, the most popular are: “I’m looking for you”, “Call back now”, call waiting, checking the remaining balance of the number 401212 and hotspot navigation.

All of this is offered for a monthly renewal fee of 8 euro. Under “Other costs” it is important to take into account those for online activation 20 Euros or for activation at the post office 10 Euro, which are fully added to the SIM card in the form of a top-up; The cost of the SIM card is actually free.

How to activate the new PosteMobile offer

If what has been said was enough to make you decide to sign up for the offer described, you should know that PosteMobile Creami EXTRA WOW Week 100 is available after activation exclusively until November 22, 2023, unless extended. For more information and to proceed with activation, simply click on the following link:

Activate PosteMobile Creami EXTRA WOW week 100 for 8 euros per month

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