The app that allows Pixel Launcher to search on all Android phones

Vincent Ronca

The world of pixels has always held a certain attraction for all Android users, at least in terms of the graphical interface and the software. In this sense, we know the potential and exclusivity of Pixel launcherGoogle’s launcher for its Pixel models.

Among the exclusive offers of the Pixel Launcher we find the global search on your smartphone and online. In the last few days we have been testing an app that extends this unique feature to all Android phones. let’s talk about pixel searchLet’s see together how it works.

The best of the Pixel Launcher, in fact more!

Pixel Search is a very good app structured and developed. It comes from the same developer of the Shortcut Manager and Pinned Shortcut app, which offer features always inspired by the Pixel Launcher.

As you can see from the screenshots in the gallery, one of the highlights Of the app, the graphical interface is very clean and well finished, which makes using the app enjoyable. Functionally, Pixel Search does not offer any particularly great possibilities.

The essential function of the app is to provide the opportunity seek of elements, websites, files and apps on your smartphone.

This search takes place right out of your launcher’s drawer, right as is the case with Pixel Launcher on Pixel smartphones. Everything works perfectly, without incident. The search is always done in some way flawless and the animations are always smooth. Let’s look at all search types and how to use the app:

  1. After downloading and installing Load gameopen the pixel search.
  2. Some are needed permits necessary for operation, such as generating notifications and accessing the internal storage of the device. The latter permission is optional and only needed if you also enable searching for files on the device’s internal storage.
  3. Start using the app by looking in your launcher’s drawer. Search results may include:
    • results from web search
    • results from Search in apps. These include Chrome, Netflix, Play Store, YouTube and Spotify.
    • results from search for files within the internal memory.
    • results from Search among your contacts. Below that, you can directly access the contact’s voice call or WhatsApp chat.

The pixel search actually offers access to the search results they are not accessible by browsing the Pixel Launcher.

Hence the app can be recommended even those who You have a pixel and who want more search tool power.

The Pixel Search app lets you do the same adjust different aspects: we find the support for the Dark ThemeThe possibility of stop the search according to certain criteria the possibility of select apps for which the search is started. In short, nothing is missing when it comes to customization.

Free downloads

The Pixel Search app is available at Free download in the play store. The app has no ads, no subscription to unlock additional features. In short, another point that speaks for a particularly good app and its developer.

Below is the button for download and install directly from the play store.

Download from Play Store

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