You can already dream of a Pixel Watch 2: Debut alongside Pixel 8

Google entered the industry with conviction smart watches, after its consolidated presence in the smartphone space, last year with its Pixel Watch. The device met with great interest, praise and criticism. Now the first rumors about his successor are appearing.

Surprisingly, we’re already starting to talk about it Pixel watch 2as a source cited by 9to5Google shared interesting details about the rumored debut of Google’s next smartwatch. let’s talk about Surprise because the first model only came onto the market last year.

On the other hand, we have to acknowledge that the first Pixel Watch was in development for a couple of years before it officially launches in 2022. Well, it looks like Google is ready for that now Launch Pixel Watch 2 next to the pixels 8.

That could be the new smartwatch from Google debut this yearduring the next fall when the new top product from Google will be presented.

There are no details yet on what to expect in terms of news. Hopefully Google heed the criticism received from Pixel Watch, maybe will increase autonomy and functions for monitoring parameters Health and physical activities. With the now-consolidated acquisition of Fitbit, we’re expecting a lot in that regard.

It’s not out of the question that, again based on the team’s support and Fitbit’s experience in the wearable space, it might even go that far any new sensor built into Pixel Watch 2. For example the sensors that evaluate it skin sweats to then estimate parameters related to stress and the user’s physiological activation.

We’ll surely know more in the coming weeks, we’ll be following the next rumors closely and we’ll come back to update you on Pixel Watch 2.

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