11.11 Roborock offer: The S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum cleaner is discounted

Roborock is offering 20% ​​off the popular Roborock S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum cleaner. Roborock 11.11 offer starts November 6th! Let’s find out the details about the product.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner capable of deep cleaning, vacuuming and mopping floors, as well as automatically cleaning itself and emptying the dust in the base station with drying function.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra has a high suction power of 5,500 Pa, which can easily remove dust, pet hair and other dirt from the floor, even dust deep in the carpet. The integrated cloth guarantees complete and always effective cleaning, as it can be automatically raised when dirty, allowing the robot to return to the base, wash and clean it without having to move it over parts of the floor that have already been cleaned.

In fact, the All-In-One base station offers automatic dust emptying, automatic cloth cleaning, cloth drying and self-cleaning of the station itself. This reduces the maintenance effort for the user to the bare minimum for greater convenience: simply refill fresh water and empty dirty water at regular intervals .

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra’s mopping lift function also prevents wet mopping from soaking the carpet. When the ultrasonic detector detects the carpet, the cloth rises by 5mm to prevent the wet cloth from running over the carpet, thus increasing the suction power for effective cleaning.

In terms of navigation and obstacle detection, Roborock S7 Max Ultra utilizes advanced LDS laser navigation technology, which allows it to quickly create accurate maps and effectively detect and avoid obstacles such as shoes, tables, cables and more. Finally, it is still able to clean adequately even in the dark under the sofa, under the bed and in other environments.

Using the smartphone app, it is possible to delineate restricted zones, plan cleaning and adjust vacuuming and washing routines. There is also support for voice assistants like Alexa.

The robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S7 Max Ultra is discounted thanks to the 11.11 offer, so it is offered at a discount of up to 20%. In addition, with the discount code that we include below you can get a saving of €50 and pay €859 for it.


Article in collaboration with Muchen.


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