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The market for smart watches It continues to follow a waveform that alternates peak moments with interesting news and stall moments with near-zero interest. Fortunately, we are in a new positive moment Important news is coming not only page Hardware but also side software. One of the protagonists of this moment is undoubtedly Tic Watch Pro 5the new Smartwatches with Android home Mobvoia company that has been a solid alternative to the more well-known brands for years, producing high-quality smartwatches at mostly cheaper prices.

Tic Watch Pro 5 is the new flagship model from the weblog 2023 and its peculiarity consists in combining a series of hardware and software features that make it unique but also undeniable on the market are among the best in terms of practicality and concreteness. Let’s look at this in detail here review.

TicWatch 5 Pro test video

construction and design

Aesthetically, it doesn’t differ too much from its predecessor TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra (Series 4 is skipped as this number is superstitious in China) actually claims a canonical design, albeit cleaner overall, with fewer frills. The main difference is this physical button that it can not only be used by pressing to bring up the app menu, but also can be used Rotate to scroll through items, menus, and text, which will continue the operation of the Pixel Watch. The second physical button, on the other hand, which is placed on the side at the top and is more flush with the body but slightly knurled to be detectable when touched, allows you to multitask or recall recently run applications when pressed.

It is a 48mm, apart from the bezel, and therefore definitely a visible and essential smartwatch for smaller wrists, even considering the thickness of just over 14 millimeters. Has a Weight approx. 63 grams, including the strap, and is constructed of stainless steel, 7000 series aluminum and high tenacity nylon with fiberglass. It is water resistant to 5 ATM and has MIL-STD-810H certification.

The belt Finally, the 24mm solid silica gel (replaceable) included in the package isn’t particularly valuable or premium, especially to the eye and tactile, but not particularly annoying in use.

Display and Interaction

Tic Watch Pro 5 maintains the tradition of a Dual displays and that is once again the main reason to choose it over the competition. In fact, the first ad is of type transflectiveAs a result, it is always visible and at the same time has extremely low energy consumption. The second ad is instead AMOLED and is activated by touching the display or one of the buttons. This dual implementation allows you to always have basic information about the smartwatch available without having to turn it on, interact with it or use it. a kind of always-on display with very low consumption. However, since it’s a display that can’t do much smart, when interacting with the smartwatch, the secondary display turns on, which is a typical smartwatch display but is obviously more energy-intensive. It is a 1.43-inch AMOLED with good resolution and good quality, both in terms of color rendering and brightness, which can also be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light conditions.

Also interesting is the fact that the low-consumption display not only shows the time and basic information during inactivity, but also shows some of the most relevant data in this context during ongoing sports activity, such as the time elapsed since the start. In addition, the display of the While not colored, activity can change the color of the backlight depending on the heart rate zone during exercise to make it more prominent in a high physical stress situation.

hardware and performance

TicWatch Pro 5 features the new processor Qualcomm Snapdragon® W5+ Gen1 which represents a turning point; Performance is in fact another of its strengths, as it almost never shows any obvious lag or slowdown, a really rare trait on the Wear OS smartwatch scene. It is then equipped with 2 GB of RAM memory, 32 GB of storage, Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4 GHz WiFi and GPS. Finally, it is equipped with a good quality speaker and microphone, while the battery is about 628 mAh.

If you are interested in one The LTE version of TicWatch 5 Pro knows it doesn’t existis actually sold in the only variant with Bluetooth and WiFi, so it’s still possible to make calls directly from the watch as long as the phone is nearby.

Software: Wear OS 3.5

TicWatch Pro 5 launches with Wear OS 3.5However, it is compatible with all Android smartphones not with iPhones. This is the latest version of Wear OS available and includes numerous Google-related features such as Google Wallet for contactless payments, Google Maps for maps, YouTube Music and of course there is the Google Play Store to host additional applications such as Spotify to install , Strava, Stocard etc.

It should be pointed out at the moment does not support Google Assistant or the Fitbit appthe company informs that the situation is temporary, but that there is currently no landing date.

Apart from the physical buttons already visible, navigating within the system is very simple:

  • with a swipe from top to bottom: the classic quick links are opened, completely and not editable;
  • Swipe right or left for customizable widgets;
  • Instead, a swipe from bottom to top opens the notification curtain, classic from Wear OS
  • To exit the various items or internal menus, simply swipe sideways from left to right.

What the notifications, are very complete and reflect those received on the smartphone. Also, you can use a virtual keyboard, voice dictation or on-screen emojis to reply to messages.

The smart part is undoubtedly the most interesting, also given the recent launch of the official WhatsApp application for WearOS, which allows you to open individual chats, view images, listen to vowels and possibly even reply with a voice message, a feature that many have been waiting for years and finally available. In this regard, it is possible to make WhatsApp calls from the smartwatch even when the smartphone is not nearby, simply by connecting it to the WiFi network.

How much does Sportwatch cost?

On the looks HealthTicWatch Pro 5 can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, stress, respiratory rate, steps, stairs, calories and sleep 24/7. It also tracks and ranks your sleep stages. In terms of accuracy, it does a good job, but it’s not as accurate as a sports watch, which is definitely useful for broad-based tracking.
As for tracking sports activities, TicWatch Pro 5 offers over 100 popular sports profiles, like indoor and outdoor running, indoor and outdoor cycling, many options for the gym, pool swimming and even open water swimming. There are also specific profiles for exercises like incline curls and incline presses, which are essentially specific exercises in a larger weightlifting program. If you want to track every single exercise in your workout, that’s possible, but it seems to require some interaction with the watch.

As far as outdoor activity tracking goes, the TicWatch Pro 5 has the Integrated GPS, so you can track your running, walking, and cycling activities without having to carry your phone around. It uses technology called MultiGNSS, which means it can access five different satellite systems and automatically selects the most efficient one based on your location and availability. Acquiring the GPS signal at the start of an activity is quite quick and typically takes around 30 seconds to connect. The route, drawn with great precision on the map, is very good.


The battery aspect is really nice, as not only is it spacious and optimized to achieve it about 3 days usagewhich is a great result for a Wear OS smartwatch, but supports that too fast charging. However, it doesn’t support wireless charging, instead using a proprietary magnetic connector with a couple of PINs, so you’ll have to remember to have it with you at all times. Charging takes about 45 minutes, which means that charging the device in half that time is enough to have an autonomy of more than a day.

TicWatch Pro 5 also features “Essential” mode, which essentially turns off the OLED display and only uses the low-power display. It also disables all smarts, which is great, for example, when you’re sleeping or at times of the day when you don’t want to be disturbed but still track health. According to Mobvoi, this “essential” mode can be used for up to 45 days.


TicWatch 5 Pro is a great smartwatch: The main strength is undoubtedly the Presence of the dual AMOLED + Transflective display This allows the visibility of the same in all possible environmental conditions. This brings with it two other important benefits: the ability to always to see real and low energy consumption compared to just an AMOLED display, therefore a decidedly good autonomy. Then there are happy aspects such as the launch of WhatsApp for smartwatches and new unofficial Telegram clients which, in our opinion, breathe new life into these products, especially considering that with WhatsApp it is finally you can listen to and reply to voice messages.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages also include the absence of the voice assistant Google Assistant, a wide-sleeved sports measure, but still more than enough for effortless monitoring and an unappealing smartphone app. Then the big doubts are whether there will be updates or not, we will keep an eye on it, in any case Wear OS 3.5 is on board, which has now reached a good level of maturity.

Tic Watch Pro 5 And available in Italy at the price of 359 euros on Amazona price that is not particularly attractive, but which nevertheless makes it an excellent buy considering all the positive aspects and the hardware equipment.

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