Bing app updates with ChatGPT and widgets

Microsoft continues to work on better integrating Bing Search with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Now the company has released a new update for the iOS app.

The new app update Bing for iOS adds new widgets with a link that takes the user directly to Bing Chat, Microsoft’s chatbot based on GPT technology.

As explained Microsoft comes with the latest Bing app update for iOS two new home screen widgets. These new widgets allow users to start a chat with just a tap. Previously, these widgets were only available on Android.

Of course, since there is no way to interact with home screen widgets on iOS, the action only takes the user to the correct section of the app. This could change in the future as iOS 17 introduces interactive widgets. However, in order to interact with the widgets, developers need to update their apps with support for the new API. So we don’t know when Microsoft will roll this out in the Bing app.

In any case, having a Bing chat shortcut on the iPhone and iPad home screen can be very useful for those who use the feature frequently. There is also a variant of the widget with a custom background and another with a plain background. The update also extends speech recognition and text-to-speech support to new languages ​​such as Arabic, Czech, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Ukrainian.

The new Bing is based on a new language model from OpenAI that is more powerful than ChatGPT and tailored specifically for search. The system uses the knowledge and key developments of ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 and is even faster and more accurate. Microsoft has also applied the AI ​​model to the engine that manages the ranking of Bing search results. With this AI model, even simple search terms are more accurate and relevant.

You can download the Bing app for free from the App Store.


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