Iliad Flash 200 is back: unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS and 200 GB

iliad offers one of the most popular offers from users: Flash 200, which allows you to have the following unlimited minutes and SMS, and 200 GB of traffic. And all this for the price of €9.99 per month forever.

Iliad FLASH 200 offers:

  • Unlimited minutes Towards all
  • Unlimited SMS sending Towards all
  • 200GB of traffic in 4G/4G+
  • +10 GB data traffic in Europe (with unlimited minutes and SMS)
  • Unlimited minutes to landlines and mobiles in over 60 countries

Activate iliad FLASH 200 for €9.99

The costs are €9.99 per month.

The promotion is valid indefinitely and there are no contractual changes. The iliad offer works in the 4G/4G+ network. This offer can be activated for new numbers, with number portability from another operator and for existing Iliad customers who want to increase the amount of GB, however only on April 28th.

The offer includes the answering machine, the hotspot, the “callback” service and other features.

Activate iliad FLASH 200 for €9.99

Below is our guide on how to activate iliad, check coverage in Italy and find the Villages abroad with unlimited minutes and SMS.


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