iOS 17, here comes the news

Big advances day for iOS 17, the operating system that Apple will present on June 5th.

iOS 17 and the new lock screen

An updated interface of the Lock screen in iOS 17 turns the iPhone into a smart home displayaccording to Mark Gurman by Bloomberg. When not in use and placed horizontally, the “iPhone” displays information such as calendar appointments, weather data, notifications and more, thus acting as a home data center.

For example, when the “iPhone” is plugged into a MagSafe charging station in landscape mode, the smart home interface is displayed, which mimics what users might see with a device like the Echo Show or Google Nest Hub. The functionality builds on the widget options Apple added to the lock screen in iOS 16.

Apple wants to make iPhones more useful when not in active use and placed on the desk or bedside table. The company plans to use a dark background with lighter text to make the information on the display easier to read.

Apple is evolving a horizontal interface also for the iPad, but may not be ready for the launch of iPadOS 17‌. Additionally, Apple is also reportedly working on a low-cost tablet that attaches magnetically to walls and stands and acts as a smart home hub.

New for Wallet, Find My and AirPlay

iPhone 13 find mine

The upcoming iOS 17 will include improvements in several apps and features, including Wallet, Find my, SharePlay and AirPlay.

Gurman said that the wallet app in particular will see significant changes, but didn’t give specific details. He added that Apple plans to improve location services for the Find My app, without elaborating.

Apple is also working on updates to its SharePlay feature for watching content with family and friends during a FaceTime call and improvements to its AirPlay protocol for wireless streaming. Gurman says Apple has been in discussions with hotels and other companies to make it easier to play AirPlay content on TVs/devices located there.

Journaling and mood training app

iOS 17 will then contain its own journaling app, as expected in the last few days. According to Gurman, the app is from write diary Actually, it is planned to be integrated into ‌iOS 17‌ and it will introduce note-taking features and a very prevalent social element.

There are no other details about the app, but it is expected to help users keep track of their daily lives, according to documents describing the software. The app analyzes user behavior to determine what a typical day is like, including time spent at home versus elsewhere and if anything out of the ordinary happens on any given day.

A personalization function based on documents available to the WSJ will highlight possible themes that users can write about, such as a workout. The app also offers the All Day People Discovery feature to detect a user’s physical proximity to other people.

Additionally, Apple’s app will be able to collect far more user data than third-party journaling apps and have access to text messages and phone calls, but privacy and security will be a focus of the design. The analysis of the user day is carried out on the device and Journal proposals remain in the system for four weeks, after which they are removed.

The app for the emotion monitoring This allows users to track their mood, answer questions about the day, and view results over time.

With the journaling app and mood tracking feature, Apple plans to bring the Health app to the iPad for the first time, allowing tablet owners to view their health data even when an “iPhone” isn’t available.


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