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It’s been years since Grinding Gear Games told us about the progress of Path of Exile Mobile.

Path of Exile Mobile is just that – a mobile version of the popular free ARPG. If you’re one of those two people who haven’t heard of Path of Exile, it’s basically like Diablo, but you don’t have to shell out the cash or cash for it Buy PoE currency to play with. In PoE, players must face enemies and collect loot to improve their character. Loot is the be-all and end-all, and you’ll need to collect a lot of it if you want to experiment with different builds.

As 2023 approaches, players inevitably have to think about when they will finally start seeing news about Path of Exile Mobile. How is it going to be? Will there be crossplay? when can we play it In this article, we hope to answer these burning questions.

How does Path of Exile Mobile work?

The mobile version of Path of Exile will implement touch controls for the same gameplay as in the original chapter. Using a virtual D-Pad on the left to move your character and buttons on the right to use abilities, powers, and other shortcuts is similar to how the controls work in other mobile RPGs.

In the official presentation, Grinding Gear Games indicated that PoE Mobile aims to be as close as possible to the original game that we already have for consoles and PC. To keep the experience as pure as possible, they use the same depth and theme in their systems, including the PoE trading. However, they also stated that there will be some inevitable differences. First off, the game’s UI will use touch controls. And since mobile play is meant for short-lived games, Path of Exile Mobile accommodates that by scaling maps to the perfect length for quick play sessions.

GGG is at the forefront of Path of Exile mobile development

The advantage of Grinding Gear Games’ in-house development of Path of Exile Mobile is that there is no pay-to-win element. Ever since the release of Path of Exile, the developers have made a point of not including microtransactions in their game.

Another advantage of this project is the technology developed by GGG. This allows the company to improve its tools, system and engine for all platforms, be it PC, mobile or console. With this in mind, Grinding Gear Games’ goal is to bring Path of Exile to the mobile gaming scene without compromise.

Will Path of Exile Mobile have crossplay?

One of the main questions players have when it comes to mobile PoE is whether they can transfer their progress from the mobile version to the main game. Unfortunately it is impossible; Grinding Gear Games has clarified that the two games will have different experiences, making crossplay impossible. This is not just an adaptation of Path of Exile, but a mobile game with a completely different experience.

When will Path of Exile Mobile be playable?

Path of Exile Mobile was announced four years ago. The game was introduced through a video showing how it runs smoothly on a mobile device. But we haven’t received anything about the launch since then. If you want to be among the first to experience PoE currency in the mobile version of the game, Path of Exile Mobile and Path of Exile 2 will be playable at ExileCon 2023.

This year’s ExileCon marks the post-pandemic comeback of the convention. Tickets for the event are already available on the Path of Exile official website. ExileCon 2023 will take place in Auckland, New Zealand on July 29-30.

As for the release date, Chris Wilson – developer and producer of Grinding Gear Games – assured fans in an interview in 2022 that he wants to release Path of Exile Mobile by the end of 2023. Let’s hope he keeps his promise.

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