Threads too similar to Twitter? Musk isn’t there and is threatening to sue

Threads, Meta’s answer to Twitter, has only just taken off, but alongside its success, it’s also drawing a lot of criticism. As well as from European data protection authorities these also come from Twitter itself: on the contrary: they are more than just criticism and pose real legal threats.

In fact, Twitter sent an official letter to Mark Zuckerberg threatening legal action against Meta. Accuse? The “illegal and usurpation of Twitter trade secrets and intellectual property”.

Twitter alleges that Meta hired several of its former employees who disclosed trade secrets to the company that Meta used to its advantage in developing Threads. The letter describes this as a “copied” app from Twitterurges them to immediately stop any confidential activity and denies them any access to information on Twitter.

On the other hand, Meta’s communications representative issued a brief statement denying Twitter’s allegationsstating that none of the employees have ever worked on the competition. Therefore, for the time being, there seems to be no desire to back down anywhere, and it remains to be seen how the situation will develop.

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