Will the iPhone 16 have solid state buttons?

According to the leaker Jeff PuThe chance of seeing them is small Solid state buttons on iPhone 16safter Apple tried unsuccessfully to already integrate this technology into the iPhone 15 range.

Initially, it was said that the solid-state buttons would arrive on the iPhone 15 Pro, but according to several rumors, Apple was struggling with unresolved technical problems before mass production and therefore had to opt for the classic mechanical buttons. Pu previously said the introduction of solid-state buttons on the iPhone 16 Pros will be pushed back to 2024, but now believes that’s unlikely.

Apple supplier Cirrus Logic hinted at solid-state buttons in a letter to shareholders last year, but then indirectly confirmed in May that the plans had been cancelled.

With a solid-state design, the iPhone 15 Pro’s buttons wouldn’t move when pressed. Instead, two additional Taptic Engines inside the device would provide tactile feedback to simulate the feel of movement, similar to the home button introduced with the iPhone 7 and the Force Touch trackpad on newer MacBooks.

An advantage of solid-state buttons is that there are fewer moving parts to break, and there’s also the potential for better water resistance since there are fewer points of entry.

The iPhone 16 Pro models will launch in a year, so Apple’s plans could still change.


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