Summon Quest is the new game on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade subscribers can now also play the Summon Quest title.

Summon Quest is an action-packed action where players must fight waves of monsters and bosses to save the world. All without ruining the protagonist’s epic hair.

Summon Quest mixes RPG with strategy: our world is threatened by a rift full of monsters. It’s up to you to restore it and save the planet. Shoot, collect kills and blast your way through different themed regions full of unique enemies, challenges and bosses.

Players will be able to use a variety of ranged attacks to combat enemies. Apple Arcade categorizes it as a strategy game because your attack choices can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Also, players can summon a team of magical fighters to win grand battles.

There are also many RPG elements. Characters level up, as does their armor. We also have several regions in the game world, each with many levels.

Summoning quest is available at AppleArcade.


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