Additional ZEISS lenses must be paired with the Apple Vision Pro

From what we read above 9to5MacApple would have set up a special pairing system for ZEISS lenses to be added to the Vision Pro.

Apple has worked with ZEISS to develop additional lenses for its Vision Pro headset so that users who require corrective lenses can use the headset without glasses, which would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible.

However, it seems that the additional lens system must be present configured with a pairing code works, so it's not a simple hardware add-on.

As posted by user M1Astra on X, the pair of ZEISS lenses would require a personal code to pair with the Apple headset. Users may need to scan the pairing code included in the lens packaging after magnetically attaching the lenses to the Apple Vision Pro.

It appears that the code is an App Clip, but it is not yet clear what the combination is for. Perhaps it will help users calibrate vision with additional lenses, but in any case, this detail raises a discussion about verifying the authenticity of the products to be combined with Vision Pro.

Apple has been very specific about corrective lenses, clarifying that to purchase a pair of ZEISS lenses for Apple Vision Pro, you will need a valid prescription from a certified eye doctor in the United States. This is of course a basic requirement for the health of the user and therefore also for the quality of vision during the experience with the headset.

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