iPhone 15 Pro cases feature some design changes

The iPhone 15 Pro will feature slightly repositioned power and volume buttons compared to current models, as confirmed by new images these hours.

The images, some of which have been released on Weibocome from cases from manufacturers who had access to the industrial designs of the iPhone 15 Pro.

These photos show that the power and volume buttons of the “iPhone 15 Pro” will be positioned slightly lower than the iPhone 14 Pro models USB-C port of the iPhone 15 Pro, which replaces the Lightning connector, appears to require a slightly larger cutout on the bottom.

The housing also offers space the new mute button above the volume buttons, replacing the mute switch on previous models. Because the button doesn’t need to be grabbed and pressed like a switch, it appears to take up less space and may need a smaller cutout.

One of the cases also features a sort of insert that is placed over the mute button when the device is in the case, much like the other buttons on most iPhone cases. The button is also expected to double as an Apple Watch Ultra-style multipurpose action button, likely allowing users to perform functions such as running shortcuts and muting or unmuting the sound.

iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 15 Pro max
Another case shared by Twitter user “Majin Buu” suggests that the “iPhone 15 Pro” may have larger camera lenses and a microphone.

Other design updates rumored to be coming to the “iPhone 15 Pro” models include a titanium body, slightly curved front and back edges, thinner bezels, and a thicker camera array.


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