Apple Watch Ultra: The second generation is coming soon, is it better to wait?

With its introductory price of 999 euros, the Apple Watch Ultra was one of the great sensations of the end of 2022. The first product to bear the Ultra name in the Apple catalog (if we leave aside the Apple M1 Ultra chip) differed from its cousins ​​​​with its larger screen and cutting-edge features.

This particularly high price for a connected watch inevitably makes us think whether the investment will last even longer before accepting the investment and starting this weekend.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is already on the way

From the newsletter of Mark Gurman, a very experienced Bloomberg journalist, we learn that the Apple brand is already preparing a second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra model. Keep in mind that the reporter was very good at predicting the Apple Vision Pro announcement and the rest of the WWDC schedule. The launch should take place in the fall with the Apple Watch Series 9 and the iPhone 15. We even know the code names of these new watches: N207 and N208 for the two Series 9 models and N210 for the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

We don’t expect a revolution from this new version of the ultra-high-end watch. However, if you’re looking to invest £999 in the best Apple watch, it’s probably wiser to wait the little over two months that separate us from the big conference. And if the second generation doesn’t impress, its announcement will automatically lower the price of the first version.

Mark Gurman doesn’t elaborate on the expected features of the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The overall design should be similar. We can count on the integration of additional sensors for motion or health monitoring. The integrated chip could also increase its performance. This year, the brand’s watches should get a boost, especially on the software side with Apple watchOS 10.

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