similar design to the previous generation,

A few hours after the official launch, a render of the Huawei Nova 12 shows a similar design to the previous generation with striking new features, including a gold ring around the main camera and a circular LED flash.

While we wait for the launch of the Huawei Nova 12 intensifies, a render recently leaked on Wednesday November 22 reveals important details about the design of the new smartphone. According to the published material, the smartphone seems to maintain a similar aesthetic to its previous generation, but with some significant changes that define its character.

The most obvious change concerns the design of the goals. The element that stands out the most is thisGolden ring around the main camera, a stylistic choice that stands out clearly from the body of the device and gives it an unmistakable touch. This feature seems to be a central point of the design and draws attention to the camera.

Another aspect that catches the eye is the positioning of the LED flash, which now appears as a circle around one of the rear cameras. This visual solution is not only interesting from an aesthetic point of view, but could also indicate an innovation in terms of camera functionality.

According to rumors, the Nova 12 range will consist of three models from a technical point of view. All three should be equipped with Kirin chip Connectivity support 5G. This aspect is particularly relevant in a rapidly evolving market towards ever faster and more reliable communication networks.

Additionally, a potentially revolutionary feature is the ability for these devices to also offer the following Satellite connection for sending and receiving SMS. If confirmed, this aspect could open new frontiers in mobile communications, especially in emergency situations or in areas poorly served by traditional mobile networks.

As for the camera specifications, the main sensor of all models in the Nova 12 series is expected to be from 50MPwhile the front i will reach 60MP. These features suggest that Huawei wants to further strengthen its credentials in the field of mobile photography.

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