Internet without a landline: 5 things you should know before activating an offer

If you don't have a landline but don't want to miss out on surfing the Internet, activating a landline is the best solutionOffer Internet without a landline. These options are not only very useful to navigate in places that are not accessible via landlinesfor …. As well You can connect anywhere on the go, without excluding foreign countries. The offers of telephone operators are numerous and it is possible to choose between different types of tariffs: by comparing the options available on you can easily find the best offer for your needs.

Internet offers without a landline, rechargeable and by subscription

When it comes to internet offerings without a landline, there is basically a choice between rechargeable and subscription prices. The former have a limited term, usually one month or three months, while the latter are active indefinitely until you decide to cancel the contract.

The first offers are the most suitable choice if you need one Access to the Internet for a short time, for example to be able to establish a connection in a second home during the summer or winter holidays. However, the latter are perfect Replacement of the fixed internet connection and can offer features and services that are completely comparable to those of the conventional telephone network.

WiFi modem included or available for purchase

An important aspect to consider is the presence or absence of WiFi modem. This device is very useful for sharing connection between multiple devices, it is lightweight and very easy to carry.

Some phone companies provide the portable Wi-Fi modem for free to those who purchase a data-only plan, while others allow it Purchase the modem separatelyby paying a lump sum or with an installment plan.

Browsing speed

If you are thinking about activating a data-only SIM card to access the internet without a landline, it is very important to check which SIM card it is Surfing speed available in individual cases. It is not uncommon to find home SIM cards that have a limited maximum surfing speed.

Data offers that enable you Surf at a maximum of 60 Mbit/sare a good solution, for example, if you need to use the Internet on multiple devices at the same time and do not perform activities that use a lot of data, such as streaming audio and video or participating in conference calls.

If you need more stable and faster internet access, you can consider using data SIM cards that you don't have No limits on browsing speed. In this case, the fee to be paid is usually a little more expensive, but you can count on a service that almost perfectly replaces the landline.

Data only or voice and data plans

There are essentially two types of mobile phone offers that allow you to have internet even without a landline connection: the classic ones Voice and data tariffs as well as data-only SIMs. Anyone who has activated a tariff with enough gigabytes can think about sharing their connection and using it to navigate at home from their computer, television or other devices.

If you need more gigabytes or want to have fixed internet access at home, you can opt for a data-only SIM card. In this case, the SIM card can be inserted into an Internet key or WiFi modem and used to navigate from all your devices.

Compare offers to save

By comparing the offers of non-landline tariff plans offered by network operators and virtual operators, you can get an idea of ​​​​which tariffs best suit your needs, both in terms of ease of use and in terms of the services included.

With targeted research comparator You can evaluate the different options available and find out which is the perfect deal for your home.

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