CATL presents the battery that recharges the electric car in 10 minutes

Despite the increase in charging stations, range remains a problem for many drivers. CATL, the Chinese electric car leader, is launching an innovative battery that promises to charge in just 10 minutes. In addition, this battery has excellent resistance to cold, thus offering excellent efficiency in cold weather.

CATL: Leader in electric cars

CATL is a leading battery supplier for car manufacturers such as BMW and Hyundai. The Chinese company is now ready to introduce it Qilin CTP 3.0a battery with cell-to-pack technology that will equip the Zeekr 001, an electric vehicle with a range of 1032 km.

New quick charge battery

CATL is working on a new project to mass produce an ultra-fast chargeable battery by the end of the year. It is estimated that this battery can be fully charged in just ten minutes, significantly less than current charging solutions. The goal for the future is to reduce the charging time to five to seven minutes without affecting the range.

Cold-resistant battery

One of the outstanding features of this battery is its new electrolyte, which offers greater efficiency even at low temperatures. The charging process is less affected by the cold, which reduces waiting times. According to Reuters, the efficiency of the CATL battery at -20 degrees is said to be 50% higher than that of conventional batteries. This is a huge advantage considering that low temperatures often slow down the charging of electric cars.

Challenges and advances in the battery sector

CATL is not the only vendor working on high speed charge batteries. Other Chinese companies are developing similar technologies with the aim of achieving ever greater autonomy and shorter charging times. It is an important development for the electric car sector, where range and charging speed are key factors for mass adoption.

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