How do I use the Vision Pro as an external display for Mac?

The all-new Vision Pro connects to a Mac and becomes a true floating display. Learn how the connection to the Mac works and how you can use Apple's Mixed Reality Viewer by combining macOS and visionOS.

The VisionPro It is not yet available in Italy and we do not know when it will arrive, but there are interesting details about it from the USA Connecting the viewer to Macs. The news is very promising, especially given the native integration between all Apple products and the various operating systems, but there are also some limitations.

Apple Vision Pro

Let's start by connecting to the viewer: When you wear the Vision Pro and look at the Mac screen, a handy button appears to connect the two products. By activating, Your Mac's display is transferred directly to the Vision Pro and can be moved, positioned and managed just like any floating visionOS window. The first limitation is that the Vision Pro can only show one Mac display at a time and that means it's not possible to create a multi-display setup with the Mac. It is possible to link other native visionOS apps to the Mac and get multi-screen viewing with multiple applications.

The integration of the Apple ecosystem then allows you to easily switch from macOS to visionOS and copy and paste content from one platform to another, as is already the case with iPhone, iPad and Mac via Continuity. Additionally, you can use your Mac's mouse, trackpad, and keyboard to interact with the viewer and, of course, work with your Mac.

The other limitation relates to resolution, although this still has to be related to the type of view built into the viewer. Definitely check out the Mac display on Vision Pro it is limited to 4K and it doesn't go to 5K or 6K like other Apple products, for example the Studio display or the Pro Display XDR.

We can't wait to try the new Apple Vision Pro first hand and hope the device arrives in Italy as soon as possible.


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