Wallet and Health on iOS 17, this is how they will be

The Wallet and Health apps are updated with iOS 17 and leaker @analyst941 has shared some mockups showing potential design changes to these two apps.

In the app mockup purses, there is a navigation bar at the bottom that separates the different features available in the app. The categories listed are Cards, Cash, Digital Keys, IDs, and Orders. There is also a Passes and more tab and the leaker he claims that there are more features on the way.

According to the latest information, users can scroll down to access a search interface to find a specific card or pass and the new “Transactions” button. Compared to the current wallet app design, this would be a functional improvement as it would make it easier to find certain features like order details. So given the many features that the Wallet app now offers in addition to storing credit and debit cards, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see such a design.

As for the app HealthAnalyst941 says the “Favorites” section in “Summary” will get a redesign with a tabbed-style UI. Each tab contains visual data that includes “colored charts”, “tables” and other information. Since the Summary tab in the Health app also includes Trends and Highlights, it’s unclear how the Favorites tab design would work with those sections.

In the past, Analyst941 has leaked accurate information about the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island ahead of its launch, so it’s a very reliable leak.

What do you think of this possible news?


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