Google presents us the new look of Google TV and Android TV

Google TV sets the benchmark for operating systems Smart TVs global. This is the new identity of Android TV, the same platform that Google just unveiled important news.

The novelties we are talking about consist of the graphical interface. TO almost 10 years From the first definition of the graphical user interface for Android TV, Google presents the new graphic design from Google TV and Android TV.

This is a novelty that primarily affects the developer hey Manufacturer of smart TVs based on the Google operating system in order to be able to consistently adapt their products to the new design. And you can preview the new design by checking this out pictures below.

Google TV’s new interface policies are pretty closely related all graphics: buttons, lists, content carousels, immersive lists, tabbed interfaces. In short, everything should match what the Google TV home screen offers now.

We therefore assume that we will see it in the near future more and more apps developed according to the new guidelines as expected Google TV updates which standardize the entire interface according to Google’s new guidelines.

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