Xiaomi 14 Ultra, Mix Flip and Mix Fold with satellite connectivity

The next generation of Xiaomi's top smartphones, which includes the Xiaomi 14 Ultra camera phone and the two foldable models Xiaomi Mix Flip and Mix Fold 4, will be equipped with satellite technology and aims to bring unprecedented innovation in the industry.

Xiaomi is about to take a major leap in innovation with the introduction of the Satellite connectivity in its upcoming flagship smartphones. According to the latest revelations from Digital chat stationXiaomi, a well-known leaker in the technology industry, is ready to exploit this advanced technology in the world Xiaomi 14 Ultra and in two new folding models.

Xiaomi's next flagship, powered by the powers that be Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 , will not be the only one to benefit from this technology; even foldable smartphones Xiaomi Mix Flip and it Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 They will be equipped for communication via satellites. Further plans include implementing the same technology in the Xiaomi 15 Prowhich is expected to provide the latest version Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.

This development follows an emerging trend in the smartphone industry with brands like Huawei, OPPO And Honor who already have satellite connectivity features integrated into their devices. Xiaomi originally thought about implementing this technology Xiaomi 14 Pro but he finally decided to go for it Xiaomi 14 Ultraprobably for cost reasons.

The decision to reserve satellite connectivity for more expensive models reflects Xiaomi's strategy to segment less price-sensitive users who are more inclined to invest in advanced features. The experts from Chinese Telecom highlighted the technical and financial challenges associated with adopting this technology and underlined the importance of investing in research and development and the need for specialized talent.

Xiaomi's gradual introduction of satellite connectivity suggests a thoughtful strategy with the prospect of reducing the costs associated with this technology in the near future.

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