Android 14 beta 2.1 brings with it Pixel camera issues

Android 14 Beta 2.1 was released to fix bugs but causes camera issues on Pixel models: crashes and instability when taking photos.

Google released Android 14 Beta 2.1 this week, which aimed to fix some bugs present in the operating system, but caused problems with a key feature of the Pixel smartphone lineup. Several users have reported that the cameras on Google Pixel models have been affected after installing the update.

According to user reports, after installing the new trial version of Android 14, there were crashes and instability when taking photos. A user on Reddit He said that the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera app update seems to be the cause of the problem. He explained: “It was working fine yesterday, but there was an update for the camera app. Today it crashes when I try to take pictures.”.

Luckily, some users found a temporary solution to this problem. It is recommended to force stop the camera app and clear the cache twice. To do this, simply follow these steps: Go to the device settings and select “Apps” or “Applications”, then find and select the camera app. Next, you will be taken to an app information page. In the bottom bar under the camera app icon there are three options: “You open”, “Deactivate” And “Force stop”. The user must choose force stop. On the same page you need to touch the elements “Storage” And “cache” and select “Clear cache”.

For its part, Google hasn’t commented yet, but is expected to release an official fix soon. Users affected by this issue can expect an update or official guidance to fix the camera instability permanently. Given the importance of high-quality cameras in the Pixel smartphone series, it is hoped that Google will address this issue quickly.

In the meantime, affected users are advised to follow the temporary workaround provided by the community. However, it is recommended to be cautious while making any changes to the device settings and wait for an official update from Google to fix the issue completely.

Users of Google Pixel models, who have always appreciated the devices’ performance and photo quality, are eagerly awaiting a definitive solution to fully exploit the potential of their smartphone cameras.

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