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Observe synchronization of contacts of the directorybecause with the latest changes from Google with his game services You could get a good scare. Don’t worry, the contacts haven’t evaporated: here’s what happens.

The contacts in the address book have not disappeared: be careful when synchronizing

Google is changing the way accounts sync contacts to Android phones, which could cause confusion or worse. In fact, you might find the list of contacts in the address book empty, but fortunately nothing is lost and you can “restore” them (even if in reality they didn’t go anywhere).

Pending the update of Google Play Services to the version 23.20, the contacts stored in the Google account and synced to the Android phone will remain even if the sync is disabled. Basically, if you want, you can turn sync on, wait for it to complete, and then turn it off until you need it again. This is a practice we don’t recommend because you might add new contacts and then forget to save them to the cloud. and (mainly) because you would now find yourself in an awkward situation.

Starting with the above version of Play Services, Google made some changes That could lead to a good scare: if you turn off syncing (or usually leave it off), you could see the contact list disappear from your Android smartphone. When re-enabled, the contacts will return to their original form as they were always stored in the account. So don’t worry, but it’s good to know why this is happening before you panic.

If you want to make sure your address book contacts are syncing properly, you can make sure syncing is turned on in System Preferences. The route is subject to small deviations depending on the smartphone or tablet model: you can follow on pixels, for example.Settings > Passwords and Accounts“, select your Google account, then”Account sync > Contacts” while on Samsung using One UI to “Settings > Accounts and Backup > Manage Accounts“, select your Google account and click “Sync Account > Address Book“. To check which version of Google Play Services you have on board, you can instead go to the list of installed apps, always going through the system settings.

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