Apple Watch Ultra 2, new times and production rumors

Ming Chi Kuo he claims that Apple will take care of that 3D printing technology to make some of the mechanical parts of theApple Watch Ultra 2.

This is one of the very first rumors about the next Apple Watch Ultra, as we’ve only heard of one device so far, due in 2024, that has a display that’s more than around 10% larger compared to the current model. It is not excluded that Apple will switch to Micro-OLED technology, which can offer a higher quality display.

A few hours ago, Kuo confirmed that the Apple Watch Ultra will arrive in 2024 and that Apple may use new 3D printing technology to make some of the wearable’s mechanical titanium parts.

The analyst says the new approach could “improve production times and reduce costs.” Additionally, if the experiment with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 goes well, Apple could also use 3D printing on other devices like iPhones and iPads.

As for exterior changes to the Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple will likely offer new finishes to attract interest even from users who already bought the first model.


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