Will iOS 18 have a new user interface similar to visionOS?

Apple has been around for a long time does not introduce any significant changes in the visual language of the iOS interface. There have been a lot of small changes to limited parts of the interface recently, such as iOS 16's new lock screen.

A rumor seems to suggest that iOS 18 will represent a break from the past as it could bring changes They will bring iOS closer to the style of visionOS.

Second The ExamineriOS 18 could also introduce some to iPad and iPhone visionOS-specific visual elements. The new Vision Pro operating system presents itself, although it is obviously based on the style of iOS some differences: the corners of the screens, the shadows, the depth levels, as it has to cope with a continuous overlap of windows on complex backgrounds.

This rumor takes note of the new features introduced tvOS 17.2 as evidence of the possible transition, as the Apple TV app actually has some graphical elements that are due to the visionOS language. However, it must be said that the iPhone app has remained as such, always adapting to the specific style of iOS without reflecting these changes.

Second 9to5Macalthough the style of the different operating systems has different similarities – also to create aHomogeneity at the ecosystem level -, that is also true Every operating system has peculiarities that differentiate it from others. For example, iOS does not have round icons like watchOS, nor does it have icons with the shading and depth of macOS.

In my opinion, Apple has always made homogeneity its strength and created a feeling of homogeneity familiarity between different devices, making first use faster. At the same time, however, there are always differences in the specifications Functional requirements of each deviceUltimately, it is precisely these that determine the quality of the user experience, not so much the homogeneity as such.

Hence this rumor should be taken with a pinch of salt: In fact, the Verifier has quite inconsistent reliability when it comes to rumors, as it has shown in the past.

The alleged reference to visionOS's style might be more troubling than anything else tvOS, which runs on very large screens and has similar graphics requirements to Vision Pro. It therefore seems rather unlikely that iOS will undergo a profound change in this direction, but we will just have to wait for future betas to understand who is right.

And what do you think? Do you want a visionOS-style iOS?


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