Android Auto updates to version 11.1 and introduces a new feature

The 2024 of Android Auto begins in the same way as the year 2023 ended, namely with constant updates, which confirms the fact that, although this platform is not one of Google's main products, it can still count on significant software support.

In fact, we have to thank the Mountain View giant's development team for working hard to improve this platform and guarantee users an increasingly pleasant experience full of customization options.

Before we continue, let's remember that Android Auto can be seen as the solution developed by Google to offer its users a practical assistant for their trips, with the primary objective of allowing the driver of a vehicle to get on the road to focus and exploit the potential of Google Assistant to manage multimedia aspects and communicate with your contacts.

A new update for Android Auto

In the last few hours the publication of the stable version 11.1 of Android Auto, which will be released shortly after the release of this beta.

Although the development team has traditionally not published a changelog with the new features introduced, those who have had the opportunity to try the new version have noticed a change: we refer to the possibility in the Google Maps categories of Don't just see gas stations or charging stations, but both these elements at the same time (previously, however, the service only displayed information about charging stations or normal gas stations, depending on the vehicle type set).

It is currently not clear whether this innovation is just due to a bug or, on the contrary, whether it is actually intended by the developers.

You can download the latest available versions of Android Auto from APK Mirror (You can find the relevant page here) or in the Google Play Store using the following badge:

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